What percentage do you need to pass the PET exam?

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    What is PET level in English?

    The B1 Preliminary (PET) is an official intermediate level Cambridge English exam, set at Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. At Level B1 typical users can be expected to: understand the main points of straightforward instructions or public announcements.

    Is B2 a pet?

    How many parts does the PET exam have?

    What do candidates have to do?    Listen to six short dialogues and understand the gist of each.
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    How many questions are there?     6

    What Are PET and KET exams?

    The Cambridge Key English test (KET) and Cambridge Preliminary English test (PET) are both available in two versions; a general version, and one for schools ('KET for Schools', and 'PET for Schools'). Each test is targeted to individuals within a certain range of English ability, based on the CEFR scale.

    What's a paw score?

    What is a paw rating / FIDO Score™? Written by John. Our proprietary FIDO Score™ measures the level of risk a property manager may assume for housing a specific household pet and its owner.

    What is PET and FCE?

    Exam English ✓ Their English exams Proficiency (CPE), Advanced (CAE), First (FCE), Preliminary (PET) and Key (KET) are recognised around the world by thousands of employers, universities and government ministries as proof of ability to use English.

    Who can take KET exam?

    Who should take this exam? You should take the KET if you have done about 250 hours of study or practice and can speak, write and understand basic English. This exam is the first step in building your English language skills for work or study in the future.

    Is PET intermediate level?

    Cambridge English: Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET) is an intermediate level qualification / CEFR level B1. This course is a preparation course only. The college can only run the exam with 10 or more learners.

    What is KET exam?

    Cambridge English: Key, also known as the Key English Test (KET), is the lowest level General English exam in the Cambridge English range. It shows that you can communicate in basic English in everyday situations.

    How is the PET exam divided?

    What percentage do you need to pass B1 Cambridge?

    Basically, this is equal to 60% in the old pass/fail system. If your score in any of the four parts Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking falls below 120, there won't be a score for this part on your certificate.

    How can I pass my pet exam?


    What level is the PET exam?

    How are pet scores calculated?

    The four different parts of PET In the PET exam you get an overall score (140-160 on the Cambridge English Scale), but you also get a score for each of the four parts Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The overall score is the average of the four different parts.

    What is the maximum score in pet?

    All candidates receive a Statement of Results, and if you are successful in the exam you will also receive a certificate. The maximum achievable score is 170.

    What is a screening paw score?

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    How is Fido score calculated?

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    How do you score a pet?

    What is English PET exam?

    Cambridge English: Preliminary is also known as the Preliminary English Test (PET) and Preliminary English Test for Schools (PETfS). This exam shows that you can communicate in English in practical, everyday situations. It will give you a good foundation if you want to study for a professional English qualification.