Why should you not put lemons in the fridge?

Storing Juice and Zest. Refrigerate lemon juice. Despite its acidity, lemon juice can harbor bacteria if kept at room temperature. After about 24 days in the refrigerator, the juice will start to lose its taste.

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    Is it better to keep lemons out or in the fridge?

    Left at room temp, lemons will dry out leaving you with less juice and a tough rind. Lemons are best kept in the fridgeperiod. Stashed in the fridge in the crisper drawer or on a shelf, fresh lemons will keep for two weeks or more.

    Is it bad to refrigerate lemons?

    Whole lemons can last up to a week if you store them at room temperature on the countertop. Store lemons in the refrigerator. Whole lemons can last for a month in the refrigerator if you store them in an airtight container or a sealed plastic bag in the crisper drawer